“Men are useless. I regret being a man — Nigerian Cross-dresser, James brown [Video]

Men are useless


Men are useless

Nigerian Cross-dresser,James Brown took to social media to share his opinion on the social media campaign against sexual Abuse.

He posted a video of him talking on the evil act of the recent trend of sexually abusing women.

In the video, James said if he was a girl he could have killed many guys that want to have their way forcefully without his consent.

James said, men are just concerned about their sexual desires and not the the feeling of the girl they are about to hurt.

Men are useless

His opinion, “If I was a girl and a guy says he likes me and I said I am not interested but he wants to do it forcefully, I swear, I would have killed a lot of people because guys don’t even care all they want is to sleep with you. Do you know I regret being a man sometimes. I’m serious. Because I feel like most guys are useless.

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“They are ready to use girls anyhow. Do you think you’re supreme? If you’re a man and you think that you’re supreme, you’re a nobody.


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