“Fuck police! They planted weed in my cab and extorted 40k from me” Man said

Fuck police

A nigerian man confidentially narrated how nigerian policemen planted weed on his cab and also extorted money worth of 40,000 Naira from him and his friend.

He made this known via his twitter handle (@Nifemi_fyr). Due to his surprise, he wondered if that was how people suffered and go to jail from crime they didn’t even committed at all.

See what he said below:

Fuck police

Despite the fact that he was on the media making his voiced heard to everyone he further said he was also bullied by the policemen.


What he said caught so many attentions, many people slide into his comment box. Some shared their experience and encounter with the policemen of the said location as thus:

Fuck police

Nigeria police

To cap it all, he said:

I went to the police station today with my dad and my friends(who were also involved), they said we should come tomorrow by 10 that the particular team isn’t on duty again.



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