Dj cuppy think twice as Nicki Minaj announces pregnancy with baby bumps[Photos]

Dj cuppy


Nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj shared some catchy baby bumps photos on her verified instagram handle days ago.

The rapper, showed her bump on a floral bikini, high heels and colourful wigs.

This announcement has caused so much stir online between celebrity who are yet to get pregnant.

On the other hand, this got dj cuppy’s attention, then she decided to change her opinion.

The billionaire daughter made this consideration on a tweet she posted on her twitter handle as thus

She tweeted below:

Dj cuppy


OMG! @Nicki Minaj is PREGNANT¬† My Queen hath spoketh! Maybe it’s time i think about settling down too….?

She is not ready to get pregnant but Nicki Minaj made her thinks twice in her decision maybe or not.

Cuppy said since her Queen is now pregnant and ready to have a baby, she’s also putting that into consideration maybe it will be cool for her to settle down as her queen does.

Check out baby bumps photos of Nicki Minaj pregnant below:


Dj cuppy

Nicki mi


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