A Good Deed May Result Hell_ Naira Marley

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The Marlian president has again used this period of Ramadan Kareem to educate his fans and followers about the good and a bad deed.

Naira Marley sounds a word of advice to his people in the Islam world, this time around he speaks just like an imam could do.

During this Ramadan Kareem he has been showing he’s relevant to his religious and never departed from it.

He shared this via a tweet to made this known by all Muslim brothers and sisters.

He said ” You will never be able to please all of the people all of the time, so concentrate on pleasing your maker (ALLAH) because that’s what really matters”

” A person may commit a sin and as a result of it, the person enters paradise. A person may commit a good deed and as a result of it , the person enters hell”

” A sin may result a person entering paradise because of the remorse and regrets that follows. A good deed may result hell because of the ego and arrogance revolved around it.





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